Here, we present artists whose music creations and live performances are driven by artificial intelligence, robotics, and other new and emerging technologies.


Portrait XO is a singer, songwriter, multi- and transdisciplinary artist who creates musical and visual works by utilzing emerging technology such as AR, VR, and AI in her works.

Portrait XO explores new formats & applications for forward-thinking art and sound and researches computational creativity, human-machine collaboration. She holds a monthly radio residency with her art & activism collective CO:QUO on Refuge Worldwide Radio, is the founder of SOUND OBSESSED, and a founding member of The IASAS (International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists).

Portrait XO won the first-ever AI music contest “Beats & Bits”, the Jury Vote for ‘most creative use of AI’ at the first Eurovision AI Song Contest and the VUT Indie Award in the category ‘Best Experiment’ for her work in collaboration with Dadabots.

Her development into AI audiovisual art evolved through several artist residencies from NEW NOW FESTIVAL and BBA Gallery in 2021, and Factory Berlin x Sonar+D in 2020. 


Chagall Is an artist, performer, musician, computer nerd and early adopter of the MiMU Gloves. With this motion-based controller, she uses the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals in real-time.

The audio-visual live performances she creates reimagine the world of live electronica, visuals arts, choreography and storytelling, supported by the latest sensor technology.

With tech-heavy live shows, Chagall adds a captivating physicality and human intimacy to electronic music. Chagall’s performances evolves around a musical core but is the result of a collaboration between her, designers, programmers and dancers, combining various artistic disciplines to create a mesmerizing experience.

Audiences witness an organic and intimate interplay of the human body, voice, light and music.


MORITZ SIMON GEIST is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer who invents the future of electronic music – with robots!

In his works, he combines his scientific background as a research scientist at Fraunhofer Institute with his education as a classically trained musician on piano and clarinet. Leitmotif of his work is to build physical machines, which create sound and movement not with electronic synthesizers, but physical robots and mechanics.

The physical machines that he creates are mechanical vessels to produce sound – an embodiment of the silicon that usually creates electronic music. If the mechanic is the body, then an Algorithm can be the brain. As a live musician and producer Moritz uses AI in many ways to control this body. It can create rhythms, voices, and full compositions.

His robotic instruments and performances have been shown in numerous European festivals and exhibitions throughout the last years and were awarded numerous international awards.


BERTOLT MEYER is a DJ, producer, and modular synthesizer performer. He was born without his lower left arm but instead of allowing this to hinder his creative pursuits, he hacked a prosthetic to create something truly special.

Having found his original prosthetic hand impractical for controlling his modular setup, Meyer began researching the possibilities of improving his creative experience by essentially shortening the signal flow between mind and action. The result is what he refers to as his ‘Syn-limb’ – a hacked which allows Meyer to control some parameters of his modular setup with muscular signals sent directly from his mind.

He performs live on synthesizers and drum computers, in combination with or without DJ sets. In those shows, he doesn’t just play records, but mixes records with playing live on synthesizers and drum computers.

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