The MOD dream team of hardware + software – DWARF + AIDA X


A neural model player that brings a new level of sound quality, flexibility, and ease of use to the MOD Audio ecosystem.

A realistic sound and real feel by processing audio data with advanced machine learning techniques enhances the realism, richness and detail. Its flexibility allows users to experiment with different audio processing techniques and create unique sounds that aren’t possible with traditional audio plugins.


A compact and powerful all-in-one standalone audio processor to express your creativity at home, in the studio, or at a live performance

The excellently manufactured device is a compact audio arsenal housing countless audio processing setups you can take with you anywhere. It is durable and streamlined to endure road use. With the intuitive user interface, you assemble your personal plug-in combinations effortlessly within the MOD ecosystem. Visualize and connect processing flow without additional software or the internet into easily managed snapshots and banks.

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